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Frank Estalone is the name behind the Psyteazen project, Frank began DJ career in 2011, his main influences in the early days came from electronic musical genres like EDM, Dubstep, House Progressive and Trap. In 2012 he had his first contact with Psy Trance, arousing strong interest in psychedelic culture. After a few years adding knowledge about the culture, in 2015 Psyteazen began a project of Progressive Trance, slope of Psy Trance. Today he has been adding his own productions in sets that mark his history wherever he goes with personality and charisma, transforming Psy Trance into more than the weekend is fun, in a part of his life story.


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Carnaval Religare 2018 @ Campinas - São Paulo

Psyteazen - Warm Up Progressivamente 2018

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