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Multiple award winning West African contemporary urban performing artiste,
song writer, R&B/Soul, Adult,Alternative,Minister,Singer, Founder, Project Director at PEPFound "Psalmebubepeacefoundation" is strictly not for profit organization with the sole intent of touching lives and empowering people, mostly youths and children in Africa. The iconic singer who is well known for his evergreen praise songs such as Kabio'osi, Ebube & Oba titi aye, which is one of the best appreciated Nigerian song in recent times.

A head of World Humanitarian day, this song aims to increase public awareness about humanitarian assistance activities worldwide and the importance of international cooperation. Time is running out for the people affected by different world challenges such as hunger, cholera epidemic,Climate, wars, fear, hate, racism, xephobia, and displaced people, help for children, as well as clean water and access to sanitation, homophobia, violences, refugees crisis, Political tensions, greed, bigotry, financial terrorism, lobbies, medias, religious terrorism,gender-based violence, idiocracy... all are getting worse and worse on the whole planet, " One Love,One World" will help to convince you and your friends, neighbours, families to NOT add more problems.

"OneLove,OneWorld" is a song that helps to switch from this neo-liberalism society which is destroying resources and social links, to new perspectives to live a better future society,
We need to tell world leaders to act NOW. Crisis is not coming; it is here today. So kindly join the cause "Onelove,OneWorld". It’s a simple way to give a helping hand to millions of people caught in one of the world’s worst crises. "One Love,One World" is a song for global call for ceasefire and non-violence with the sole intent of touching lives and empowering people, mostly women, youths and children in Africa. With the increasing conflict, hunger and under development in Africa, this song "One Love, One World" want to occupy that space and serve as an intermediary between individuals and organizations who want to develop mankind and foster the well being of Africans, Asians, Americans Europeans and the whole world at large

The biggest music movement the world will ever see.. Let's unite the world with music , music is a powerful medium that has been used to foster patriotism, promote religion and to inspire love. Why not let's use the universal language of music to permeate our culture with aspirations for Humanity, For Unity, For Peace, For Love , For Tolerance and brotherhood.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination and life. So, if you stand for Humanity, For Unity, For Peace, For Love , For Tolerance, so if you are concerned for people facing conflict and violence? Please let's stream, download and help share the upcoming posts to do your part!

Multiple award winning Artiste| PEACE FOUNDATION |Music|R&B/Soul| Adult/Alternative/Minister/Singer/Contemporary Urb

Posted 11 months ago
Owned by Psalm Ebube


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Capotasto 9 months ago

Great song bro!

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Anca Jamy 10 months ago



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