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Project SpaceMan

Benton Harobor, United States

Extraterrestrial Records

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ProjectSpaceMan is like a living entity fight 2 evolve with many sounds and flavors bring u face 2 face with your fears marching in2 love#ETR #NewAge

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Project SpaceMan and Simply Dave are back and in the biggest way check out and share this dope brand new banger from the ETR crew Blow This Roof Off!!!! we gonna start a riot with this one wink emoticon

the worlds not as it would seam so many forces battling to keep you in the dark its alright tho don't you fear for its illusion ah illusion trust in your self there's no higher power and they'll never stop that or stop our evolution rise in consciousness and always love the self don't let stress bring you down for you are ah star shining threw with all your light create it up brothers and sisters #ETR for ah better tomrrow

Cuckoo Bazooka, I've been shooting threw, but what i'm dying to know, Am i reaching you, Cuckoo Bazooka I've been shooting threw!!!!