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Being a fan of Jurassic 5 (especially because of the track called Concrete Schoolyard) and listening to a lot of Chali 2na and Akil The MC's music, I knew I had to wait until the last minute to submit this, even though I entered the competition a month ago.

I wanted to make sure I got the mix sounding nice. Keeping in mind it's The Funk Hunters and Chali 2na, I kept it funky with some nice "funk" smooth r&b guitar with emotion to represent the The "Funk" Hunters and then I used a 1/32 quantisation for the shakers to give the illusion the track is faster, whereas the track still plays at it's original tempo of 85bpm.

I had some real guitar bass recorded which was defected, so i decided to chop it up and resample and re-pitch it to make it my main bass-line.

Also removed some of the original vocal stems, such as the "HMM" stems to give a different feel.

I tweaked the remix until I was pleased with the outcome.

To The Funk Hunters, Westwood Recordings, Chali 2na and SKIO

I hope you like my remix as much as I enjoyed producing it.

I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Thank you.

Polyphonic Music.

Posted 4 years ago
Owned by Westwood Recordings


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Polyphonic Music 4 years ago

Thank you for your likes, I appreciate every single one of you.


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