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This is the work I've been occupied with for more than a year.
I hope you will enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed making it.
Phone Memo is not StraightJacker. "The key of She" is something I feel, it is something I made in times I needed to express myself.
I don't follow some certain wave, I don't want you to label my "thing".
The distribution of art is for the people that can feel the same with you. It's a way to bond minds and makes a concrete consciousness for the ones that embrace it.
Everyone has something to say. Just exhibit what you need and be
sure that someone will appreciate it!

"Στη τελική τι είναι μια θέση δίπλα σου; Μη βάλεις τη τσάντα σου για να τη κρατήσεις, όμως… Όποιος κάτσει , ξέρει μόνος πότε να φύγει…"

Posted 6 months ago
Owned by Phone Memo



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