PedroDJDaddy is an American Cuban Producer, Born July 20, 1994, His real name is Pedro D. Hernández, dedicated to electronic music and Latin music, since he was very young he lived in Miami, Florida, United States, where he discovered his passion for music, when he was 23 years old because of his family. problems, he went to live in Harlingen, Texas, in the United States, after 7 months he decided to return to Miami where he grew up, his biggest dream has always been that his music is heard all over the world and his talent to be known by the public, in 2018 He founded a project called Xtronic, only for original songs, since pedrodjdaddy is an exclusive project for remixes of famous songs. After a year in Miami, he returned to southern Texas but now lives in McAllen, Texas. He is still working on his music to soon release his new album called Legion, his goal is to reach YouTube channels like Trap Nation & Trap City among other celebrities and get to create tours around the world to promote their style of music around the world.


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This is my famous remix now with more than 20,000,000 million views !

This Is Pirates Of Caribbean Remix !

This is my Trap Titanic Remix !

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