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Some bands are iconic to their digs. CBGB's had Agnostic Front.. If you went there any sunday, they'd usually be doing what they do, holding the torch for New York punk. 12FU frontman, Paul Conroy is the "punk rock Paul Kelly" to St.kilda's night life. He sings about his home town, and is not ever far away.

"The lesson learnt by st.kilda's gentrification bomb shold be heeded". St.kilda was busier than the cbd on a Thursday night, and on the weekend, it was the place to go.. 3000 people at gigs! Venues in spitting distance, all attracting the bred suburban kids who came to the one place where they could escape their lives... People northside joe about how i keep plodding on, keeping music alive in st.kilda, especially punk rock. It's so much part of what made St.Kilda the fun and young place that backpackers still come here for. It's chill!

12FU are what people joke about, being "the last punk rockers in st.kilda".. "It's a cheap jab, `cos we're not giving up on St.Kilda. I've lived here all my life and it's much the same to me." It's always been a high transient area, and Melbournes highest density living. People have gone, sure, but they always come and go.. It's the way St.kilda has always been.

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