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On the mention of the name Opium, it screams addiction and that’s what happens when you listen to him perform, its effing addictive!

This DJ/Producer/Brand Manager has been in the game for 8 Years and man has he been causing a stir. With a decision in 2009 to finally concentrate on his Root Sound, he has been tearing up floors all over SA’s Dance and underground scene featuring alongside Top SA DJs as well as International Superstars.

His genres are diverse but he pulls them together in his performances making him one of the most sought after DJs in the scene. From Deep House, Deep Tech, Funky House to Ghetto Funk, this guy rocks crowds small and big, old and young with a sound that is truly unique and full of personality.

Opium has played at a number of clubs, bars, lounges and events over the years and many of them still have great memories that were made there.

This is one DJ to keep an eye out for and he will be making waves in the SA Dance, EDM and Underground scene.


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Here's a little teaser on what I am personally working on production-wise. Leave comments, thoughts and advice. The tracks is un-mastered and incomplete.

Here's the first in a series of mixtapes I have begun recording and trust me, its gonna make you #StabItDirty This mix features tracks from Malk xD, DJ Jayms, MLTD, Nicolau Marinho, Middath, 219 Boys, IvanM & Sinatra, L.A. Cruz, Chunda Munki, Billy Kenny, Benny Bubblez and more. NOTE: I do not own the rights to the music in this mixtape and if any artist does has any issues or queries, please contact me directly.

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DJ | Producer | Promoter | 2nd Member of Slo Dogz™ | Herbalist | Bass House Disciple