OLUWA TONI was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Raised in a Christian family full of love and life, Toni grew up attending Church services regularly where he learnt to practice worship singing in his private life on a regular basis.

Toni (as he is mostly called) is a great lover of the Piano, African Drums, Saxophone, and Trumpet. His signature instruments include 'African Drums and Saxophone' which you can always expect to hear in his music. Toni's list of favourite artists include Bob Marley, Akon, Damian Marley, Wizkid, Chris Brown, and late Michael Jackson.

OLUWA TONI is passionate about causes related to to at-risk youth support and African Socio-Economic Development. He also has a deep interest in restoration for the Canadian Aboriginal community.

For Press Enquiries, Please Contact Nardia at +1.778.926.7153. oluwatoniofficial@gmail.com


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Having immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 2012, OLUWA TONI pushed his own boundaries in his very first vocal recording ever. Written by Toni, the song and its music video script prove his talent. Toni is currently not signed to any label and looking for a remix feature to take the debut single popularity to the next level.  The single, FLY TO L.A. has been described as 'very catchy' by many.

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