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This song quickly became my favourite song - and then I saw there was a remix contest on for it, so I dropped everything and hit the studio until I had created my most proud work yet: this remix.

I changed the key because I felt that certain notes in G# sounded more emotive than in the original A. I also brought it up 13bpm from 92bpm to 105bpm, this tempo gave it a stronger feel. Musically I was going for a chill/future bass vibe that complimented LAUV's voice but also carried the song into a different world of emotion and textures.

A meet and greet with LAUV would be unbelievable! Best of luck to everyone else in this contest - can't wait to hear the winning remix!

Big thanks to SKIO & LAUV for the opportunity,
Matt (OKO)

Posted 3 years ago
Owned by Lauv


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Meow 3 years ago

Cool Future drop ! Don't hesitate to listen our remix and give us your feedback.

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Mr PIRO 3 years ago

this is fresh bro,, great job!

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broeseph 3 years ago


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King Merkzie 3 years ago

Amazing stuff! By far my most favourite remix on the site. The drop gives me chills and is purely outstanding!❤️❤️


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