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Joining SKIO is probably the best thing I could have done in aiding my development as a musician.

I didn't really have a genre that I specialised in prior to joining and only completed 2 or 3 mediocre projects a year - but that's all changing now.

I came to realise that trying to make EDM banger's is not my strong point and never will be... so I decided to change direction. For one project, I steered clear of using "digital" sounds and focused purely on the amazing Kontakt libraries I have. I absolutely loved playing around with the dynamics and different articulations of each instrument to really try and achieve a natural sound that was "authentic".. and in doing so, I feel I've tapped into a whole new vein of creativity.. and finally found my signature sound.

Thank you SKIO :)


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This is/was my entry into the Clean Bandit/Ellie Goulding remix competition for "Mama". As I'm new to video software and video editing in general, I felt *extremely* lucky to find a whole bunch of really high quality clips from one creator which seemed perfect for the song :)



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