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Nylon Comizz

Maputo, Mozambique

Magna-Carta Records; Dysturbed Record; Defined Music; Immoral Music

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I love Deep House, with a little bit of Bass... Sometimes not so little tough

Nilton Comiche a.k.a Nylon Comizz was born on the 19th of August, 1997. In 2013 his passion for music turns public, when Nilton decides to be a Dj/Producer.

Deeply influenced by the "art" of House Music, he showed dedication towards learning how to mix songs on Virtual Dj and how to produce songs on Fl Studio 10 (at the time).

He began producing and mixing EDM (Electro Dance Music). Although, his passion for deeper and funkier sounds revealed itself when he began mixing and producing Deep House, and most of it's derivatives.

Nylon Comizz's dedication and imagination continue to rise every single day. For what looked like to be just another wanna-be, he has proven to be a devoted and ascending artist.

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