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Nuuklox Music

Mumbai, India

Big Room, Future Bass


Hi , I am Sudhanshu Chothe from India living in New Bombay . I love making music from the age of 16 . My Motivation is KSHMR , Martin Garrix and DJ Snake . I love making genres like Bigroom , Tropical House , Progressive house , Future Bass . I also love remixing songs , I give that song my own taste . I express my feelings through my song . I put life into music . The title of every music I post is related to my life . Some times it's happiness , emotional and Strong . Every producer put their feelings through their music and that is been felt by the listener and listener get attracted towards that music and can't stop listening to it . that's why we say music has no language . Don't bother about vocals , without vocals also a music can sound great :) Thank you so much and keep rocking 🙌

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