Vancouver-based brothers Zohar and Omri formed the group Noize Hazard with the understanding that quality, variety, and emotion are some of the most important elements in great music. In both their studio work and live shows, the brothers combine constituents of blues, rock and hip-hop, with electro, trance, glitch, and various other subgenres. No matter the variety of sounds they are mixing together there is a magnetic signature sound crafted from guitar layers, bass, synthesizers and samples. Older brother, Zohar, has spent over 15 years honing his skills on the guitar, piano and pretty much every other instrument he could get his hands on. His musical compositions range from award-winning documentaries to psytrance festival anthems, and now that he has finished Law school, he is taking on more exciting projects. Omri spent the last few years djing while studying Political Science at the University of Victoria, and after his weekly residencies at local night clubs quickly gained considerable exposure, had the opportunities to play alongside acts such as Fedde LeGrand, Wolfgang Gartner,Zedd, Felix Cartal, Chris Lake, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, The Crystal Method and various other world class producers and DJ’s. The collaboration in Noize Hazard extends past the brothers. In 2012, a remix project with Israeli psytrance group, Faders, took them to Mexico where Zohar performed a live guitar set to a several thousand Mexican psytrance hipsters in Guadalajara. Ever since, they have been inspired to collaborate and create cross-genre music with a lasting impression. More recent Noize Hazard projects include the recording of a debut album and building a Bonobo-esque live show incorporating a dj set with live guitar, keyboards and percussion.

Some footage from that show in Mexico with Faders www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaZ73nymkcI <--- check out Zohar playing guitar at 3:55 min

www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjHr60SnBFY www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaZ73nymkcI


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Some footage from that show in Mexico with Faders Noize Hazard performed their Faders remix live in Guadalajara - Metagenesis 7 festival, with live guitar from guitarist Zohar (See 3:55 min in video)

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