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About this Song

A couple weeks a go I was surfing around in the internet and I came across this contest.
To be honest I have never heard this song before.
So I started creating this Remix.
The hole process was an unique kind of adventure for me.
At the beginning of the production I realized that the parts of the song are already creating a great vibe which I personally enjoyed. So I made the decision to just add a little of my personal “magic” to it.
I hope you guys like the product and I have no clue where I am standing with it.
I am looking forward to any kind of critics and opinions about it from anyone.
That's it for now enjoy the Song.

Posted 4 months ago
Owned by The Chainsmokers


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Spenz 4 months ago

Great work! liked! if you want you can check my remix too. Good luck!


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