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Weeks 7-8: This track was inspired by recent events involving me and somebody who meant a lot to me. After the break up, I put all of my sadness, anger, and memories into this song. The song has 3 distinct parts, the first being the anger internalized, the second being the anger and sadness expressed, and the third being the act of acknowledging that it's over and moving on.

One night where I was feeling particularly low, a phrase came to me, "redoubled remark" (referring to how this was our second break up, but even harder this time) and it sparked the poem that's heard at the end.

Poem Lyrics:
A redoubled remark
Spoken in new words by a new face
A face
Switched with mine as the storm raged
And we broke apart by my own haste

Nonetheless, you still are in me
Never lost but
Forgotten you must be
For you are everywhere
And the colors that once played on my eyes
Never again can be seen

Album art by Matias Alvial

Posted 1 year ago
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