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Human logic creates chaos from order, but nature creates order from chaos! There is a simple rule to life, add value to people, and get value in return. It is an indirect game. The result from a GREAT action is never immediate!! Hook Translation Bol Bol Ke Thak gaye - We're tired of saying it again and again! Karne wale abhi karo, yeh sahi waqt hai - The doers DO now, this is the right time! Tol Tol Ke Aadmi ki aukaat hai rupay - A man is measured by his money Jaanse Aaye vapis chalo, yeh sahi waqt hai - GO back to your home, this is the right time! Jage Jage mein azaad bhi pinjre mein band hai - The free are locked in a cage in places Unki Insaaf Karo, Yeh Sahi Waqt hai - Do justice for them, this is the right time! Maal maar aur maar daal dimag ka yeh jo - Smoke up and kill your brightness ~ Jahan bhi tum ho, yeh sahi waqt hai - wherever you are, this is the right time!

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