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Used the free vocal 114_In My Room Vocs_01_D#m_SVV1 from Soulful Vibes & Vocals Vol. 1 by Pineo & Loeb (Mello D's).
All melodies are based on this file. All effects created with The Sauce. . Vocal audio resynthesised and regenerated with Hammond Novachord and B3 emulations (Jimmy Smith's style). Created new beat based on this information. For high fidelity processing workflow to minimize digital artifacts first converted to 64 bit double precision/96Khz, processed, then converted back to original parameters. Analog signal chain plugin emulations: Audio>Microphone > Analog Channel Input > Gain Pot >
Analog Output to Analog Compressor/Limiter > Tape>
Back into Analog Channel Input > Back to Gain Pot >EQ >
Effect/Compressor/Limiter > Group Bus. Quad/Eight console and (EMT) 140 Plate Reverb, Neumann U473a compressor.
 . In achieving the desired sound I used emulations of EMI TG12345, RS124 (tube), TG12345 MKIV Compressor , TG12345 MKII and MKIV consoles, TR-50 and EMI TR-90. The final mastering - using MH ChannelStrip 3 and D.W Fearn VT-5 EQ for low, mid and high range fine tuning. On the mastering bus - Neve Melbourne console and Ampex ATR-102 tape machine. All mixed and mastered in Logic Pro X, CuBase Pro and Harrison MixBus DAWs. Used Stereo Shuffling technique for achieving subtle space and time variations. The L/R of each track is split to mono, phase inverted and recombined with Binson Echorec echo, various delays, Leslie, Phaser and ADT effects Enhanced stereo effect - using emulation of Fairchild 670 with M/S manipulation to eliminate phase artifacts after much processing. In this signal path added a changing binaural dimensional and azimuth rotational beat pattern between 0-8 Hz for relaxed listening with headphones. The binaural beat is modulating the music with sinusoidal wave with changing frequency of 0-8 Hz. Modulated in the three dimensions with changing frequency 0-8 Hz. The result is subtle and recognizable when listening to headphones for at least 20 minutes.

Posted 3 months ago
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DJ Swivel The Sauce

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kamyar aghazadeh 3 months ago

nice vibes. check out my song for this contest too. thanks


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