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Nicola Cite is a new (old) part of underground music scene.
Is a new start for him.

You should give attention on his new project.
He is back again with new ideas,new underground sounds and of course, 
he is always ambitious for the success. 

His profile as a producer it is not yet known to the public because of his old name as(A.k.a.)Nkei. 
A promise upcomer dj/producer and now he is addicted to techno,house,minimal sounds 
and he prepares us for something great that will be stay for a long time in our ears.

All you need to do is to learn about Nicolas Cite's every time, everywhere, through of his 
social pages,news,events,releases,collabs ect. 
You must discover his world step by step 
and you will see that something great is coming...



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This is one of my new stuff as "Nicola Cite" and includes Tech dub oldschool Detroit sounds. Exclusive 2 weeks on Beatport at 6 of June!!

Member since May 2016