Hey, I’m Quaiser a.k.a. Niclas.
I live in Cologne, Germany and I started to produce music 3 years ago. Artists like Flume, Getter, NGHTMRE and many more inspired me to start producing music for my self and influenced my style. To compose music, is the best experience I’ve ever made and I can’t imagine to live anymore without it. Music for me is transmitting pure emotions and feelings to the listener. I want my audience to feel the vibe that I feel when I write music.

To all of you who enjoy music the same way as I do, I welcome you on my social media where you can follow me around. Don’t forget to follow me on Spotify as well so you don’t miss any of my upcoming releases or playlists I post. Thank you for your support!



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I worked so hard on this one and the moment has finally come to share it with you guys! HERO is my first single and to make it special, I recorded the vocals with pauline, a great vocalist by the way, and this made this track so much better. Thanks for all the support by my friends!

With this song, I really wanted to create the most chill mood I've ever done in a song. This project file is about 6 months old now and over the time this song became one of my biggest projects ever. I'm glad to had the honor again to collaborate with pauline.

This is a free chill-vibe beat I made couple of months ago. If you like, share your thoughts on this one in the comments. Enjoy :)

Lately I always thought about editing a mashup and then I got inspired by a video of Diplo's IG-Story where he played a live mix of "Stressed Out" and his song "Get it Right". I really liked his idea and I made my own version out of it. (Fair to be said that its not 100% my idea). ENJOY!

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