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For my remix I wanted to add a bit of grit from the original song by adding heavier synth and bass lines on the drops but at the same time using the vocal stems as much as possible as they sounded great and would keep the originality of the song within the remix. I also wanted to vary between drum patterns which was something new for me and feel has work quit well through the this remix. I usually produce House music so it was a little bit of a change for me with how I went about my builds and cutting up my drum patterns on the drops which has kind of given it a dubstep feel even though I wouldn't able it as a dubstep track just a remix with character. I guess my inspiration has come from different music that I have listened to and enjoyed over the years and an experiment to my production. Hope you enjoy :) Next State

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Constellation MGMT


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Mania 2 years ago

Wicked Track man!

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Next State 2 years ago

Thank you bud :)

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Karl Stiles 2 years ago

Yes Liam! 🙌 👊 💣 🔥

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Next State 2 years ago

Thank you Karl :)

Ruben Young - Take Her Down

by Constellation MGMT

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