Crazy Caravan - https://youtu.be/NLg8_MIeMXI
Photo by - https://www.instagram.com/james_feeder/
here to further my skills in this field of work and to pay my own tuition fee
I from south of thailand but not phuket haha,it isn't near the the beach must travel like 1 and half hour to go It's called "Songkra Beach" in my town the most famous is fried chicken with spices,very tasty and it's also a street food.My influencer is my father .He like to play POP's UK&US songs,That;s why i interested in world song and started to express
through sound,I like to drawing too :D cause grew up with Japan's anime,it teach me a lot about certitude in many old school's anime.


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(ver.remake) this song just came form when the wether a that time was raining then i look down form the school 's 7 floors to the road out side while my friend was carrying guitar then i start to sing after that we arrange together and become the "ช้างน้อย(chang-noi)" by Crazy Caravan.The End...

Film practice photo by:https://www.instagram.com/james_feeder/

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#chillsynth #freestyles photo by:https://www.instagram.com/james_feeder/

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