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Lost, Netherlands


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My name is N3KO (That's my legal name) and I am a producer that tries to release a new song every Sunday.
I like to make yeah...that's why I make music...
I'm a 17 year old human being.
I've been making music for almost 12 years, well, not producing but just making music, like with the guitar/piano
6 years ago I started making digital music and since then I'm DAW adicted or something, by that I mean that producing songs has consumed the biggest part of my life time till now

I also game, skate, dance, do parkour, well, I do front flips and I run up walls and watch anime, obviously.

okay bye ^^

PS : Need feedback, tips or tricks, feel free to ask me anything, anytime, tho I'm not online 24/7 but I'll react back A.S.A.P.

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My latest song Spend 15 hours total, I think, on this song and then I tried some other stuff to make it sound better. I was going to collab with mr. sky on this one, but that sadly didn't work out, but maybe in the near future we'll try something together.