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Don’t read further if you don’t have time because trust me this may waste your time.

This track would be incomplete if I don’t address some important things. First I got this beautiful melody from a friend of mine David. When friends became foe, David was one of the friends who were there for me including Ejiro, Uzair and also Karam who himself is a producer and more experienced one. Long story short David and I met on twitter although we had different opinions but we became good friends. A short introduction of David is that he is highly intelligent and he’s like a river of lyrics, he writes so true and inspiring lyrics and also his head is full of beautiful melodies. Second people say what I do is begging but let me clear something I don’t pay social media sites to promote my music I just do it on my personal social media and that’s about it and to be honest I don’t force people to like or buy my music still I get decent amount of SALES from which I make a decent earning better than many other jobs. And lastly friends and relatives even say I am not famous enough to speak such things and I am wasting my time, I am not some AI expert or a rocket scientist so what I do is what I can do.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Muhammad Aqib Jamil



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