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About this Song

I am really appreciated for you listening to this humble track.

Also really honored to remix this beautiful original Borgeous.

I am also grateful to meet this wonderful track, from which I can learn so many things that I could never have learned anywhere.

Every one of the detailed and refined sounds, especially the drum parts remind me of Borgeous’ style sonic, resounding and deeply impressive.

This original is so detailed that I couldn’t find anywhere to cut into, so leaving the whole flow of the melody untouched, added some effects.

I especially enjoyed the sparkling synths.

I like chopping down the sounds bit by bit and analyze them, but this time I didn’t.

I thought of a skylark singing happily from Jordyn’s sweet lovely shiny vocal, which reminds me of sweet strawberry bubble gum or cotton candy.

I sampled and alchemied (logic pro X) some part of the main vocal.

Instead of the choruses, I invited Mozart’s Papageno and magic flute, which I thought goes well with the skylark’s singing.

Also alchemied some glass bell sounds and some kicks which alchemied from the original track’s bass sound.

The original kick is the kind which I really like. I hope someday I could make one of this kind.

3-a long way to go
Using compressor and limiter and balancing and the things related are still a long way to go for me.

There are so much talents and geniuses here in SKIO.
I’m learning from all the tracks which I encounter.

4-final thanks
Thank you again for reading this humble one.
I hope you success, everyone.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Borgeous


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MSGsaltsweet 1 year ago

Uploaded remastered version.


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