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The Dutch Caribbean Kingdom can boast with another musical talent now that Riëndy Holder, the talented musician and singer, better known as Mr. Ray Bass, launched his first English language single called ‘Monday Breakups’. Ray Bass hopes that the labor of love, which took approximately six years to complete, will resonate with anyone who had their heart broken. “The song speaks about one of the most heartbreaking experiences in my life that I was able to overcome with music”, Ray explains. The process of writing and producing ‘Monday Breakups’ literally transformed his life and re-defined how he views love.

For this production, Ray collaborated with a talented team consisting of Roy Seriese (Piñata), Rekesh Dukaloo and Freddy Poncin, known for their work with Ziggy Recado, Nkulee Dubee and various other reggae artists. Ray also worked with Marijn ‘Mystic Pulse’ Nikerk, BuzzBin Productions and Ludwig Maier of GKG Mastering in Germany. Additionally Clifton End and Tamara Nivillac sang background vocals on this track.
As of yet, ‘Monday Breakups’ has been Ray’s largest production, however he’s excited about the future tracks in the Pop Reggae genre.

Posted 11 months ago
Owned by Mr. Ray Bass


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