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Norfolk Virginia, United States


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I LOVE WHAT I DO #HardWorkDedication

Hello my name is Anthony Tetterton i was born on February 27 1995,
and i come from a small town in Virginia Called Portsmouth.

I've grew up with
My little sister Adrian Tetterton
My mother Kimberly Tetterton and Grandmother Mrs Todd
Is the woman that raised us
At the young age
Me as a kid i never understood
The term life until i got older and realized that my father was never around me
As it killed me inside to understand that things in life is your own doings and learning how to let go of what may have happen or what could of been
My Father name was Kevin Cross and everybody calls him boo

He currently Djs
All across Virginia and the rest of the 7 cites.

My Mother Kimberly and my grandmother was the ones that took care of us My sister and my mother then as we grew up more we understood punishment like no other as we where beatin from things we did and we didn't understand why

But as everyday flew by we got by and reason was my mother always came and talked to us about future goals and what she expected from us.
Age 13
was the most powerful
As i learned that i had my fathers gift and took it to a level i always wanted to be apart of
From listening to artist like Kanye West, Common,Nas,and Jay z

Kanye west Is My role model on so many levels as i was always inspired by his grace everytime he took the stage and i remember going to the glow in the dark tour back at the Thearter in Virginia Beach
2007 was a moment i will keep forever in my life.

Music was always a passion for me to express my feelings
Age 13
My mother had took a big punch
To us all as it got us closer as a family
As she had my baby Brother Mekhi
July 1
and After a few weeks from being Released she had toom sick
From suffering from Numerous Attacks that nearly killed her
And as a kid i started to take my music
Ted smith changed my life forever and currently is my consultant for his label Time Will Tell Entertainment
as he Loads me up with advice and on someday reaching me with a label of my own NaturemuzikRecordings

My Stage name Is
Mr.Nature aka Natureonthebeats
Im a 21 year old upcoming producer
Outta Norfolk Virginia
If you need beats you can contact me at
and feel free to check out my beats at

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This Beat Was produced by 21 Year old producer MR.NATURE from Norfolk Virginia

This Beat Was produced by 21 Year old producer MR.NATURE from Norfolk Virginia

This Beat Was produced by 21 Year old producer MR.NATURE from Norfolk Virginia