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Nashville, United States


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Musician/Remixing Artist/ Mixing Engineer, and Music Producer

I am a Musician, Remixing Artist/Mixing Engineer, and Music Producer.  I had the fortune of being trained by Grammy award winning mixing engineer Dave Pensado. Dave taught me advanced techniques in both mixing and tracking. He taught me there is more to a mix than just a technical side. There is also an emotional side to the mix which the great mixing engineers understand.

I really enjoy remixing for artists. I feel honored when an artist asks me to remix their song. When I remix a song for an artist, I try to maintain the original theme of their song, but put my own interpretation on it as well.
When I mix songs for an artist, it is my goal to make their song(s) sound as sonically good as possible. I do that by first listening to what the artist(s) vision of their song is, and then I mix it using various techniques.

 My discography includes:



Mr. Kaplan- "House 909"


Mr. Kaplan- "A Walk" Featuring Dioni


Astyplaz- "Time For Change" (Mr. Kaplan Remix)

Astyplaz- "Lost In The City" (Mr. Kaplan Remix)

Astyplaz- "Alyto Enigma" (Mr. Kaplan Remix)

JonTeknik- "The Bridge" (Mr. Kaplan Remix)

Sylver and Zues- "Lullaby For The Wild Child" (Mr. Kaplan Remix)

E.K.O. Ft. Maya Maman- Something About You (Mr. Kaplan Remix)

Recording and Tracking:

Fall to June 

Terra Bella 

Karen Waldrup Band


Composing, Mastering, Mixing, Piano, Producing, Remixing

Showcase tracks

This is a song I had the pleasure of remixing for the band Astyplaz.  This remix was inspired by the 80's as well as Electronic Music.

This is a track that I had the honor of remixing by recording artist Dioni.  The track was inspired by Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder.

This is a remix of the band Astyplaz's song "Alyto Enigma."  This song has a dance feel to it with a driving beat and bass line.  It features a lead synth part as well as a choir.  My influences for this song were the Pet Shop Boys, and Yaz.