With a great background history in the underground Electronic Music scene and dozens of gigs in clubs and festivals around the world including a co-production for Madonna, MR★BLACK is currently one of the brightest shining stars in the industry. With a big fan base all over the world the producer is set to take electronic music out of the limitations of the global underground. He is always driving himself to be the best and one can guarantee that his work will always be unique and spectacular; no matter if it is about gigs or producing music for games, TV, Radio and commercials.

2013 was a significant year for the Tel Aviv based producer Yaniv Biton. After great success with his remix Skazi – Warrior that gained millions of views on YouTube, MR★BLACK released the next original hit ‘Loud’, featuring Dutch vocalist Esthera Sarita. “Loud” was definitely one of the big surprises of the year, licensed to various companies in many countries. The song gained lots of support from top DJs Hardwell and Chuckie who claimed it to be “The hottest records in the world right now”.

Along with all the recognition it didn’t take long for MR★BLACK to get booked all over the world and become one of the busiest new talents in the EDM market. As one of the hardest working and most dedicated producers in the electronic music scene, continually pushing his own limitations of creative success, you can expect great things to happen in his future. He is now working with some of the biggest names in the business with both new and old tracks including Wake Up (Beatport top 10), Pistolero (a collaboration with Matrix’s soundtrack producer Juno Reactor) and Tell My Heart (featuring Canadian vocalist Steven Taez) to name a few.



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