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Hunger For Love - The Ouroboros Moon (2014)
Written, Performed and Produced by Jonothan Mooney Jones

Another place, some other time
Maybe one day you'll see me in a different light
And you will change your mind

Am I a freak? Or just not your type?
If I've come on too strong, I apologise
But I want you in my life

I phone, I tweet, I txt, I pvt msg you
Have I been blocked? Or am I just not getting through?
I'm falling on deaf ears, I guess you're still asleep
It's 4am, I'm drunk, alone. Why don't you answer me?

I'm quite aware of how desperate I can be
Even though I've always told myself I don't need anybody
We go through life alone, not thinking about the end
But we all hunger for love, until then...

Don't judge me, don't judge me
Don't judge me, don't judge me until then...
Don't judge me, don't judge me
We hunger for love.

Posted 8 months ago
Owned by Mooney



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