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Monsoon City

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About Monsoon City

I'm a producer with many influences, I love all kinds of music.

I've been making music since 2010, though I only started using this alias back in 2014. I make the music I want to make & don't really care too much about genres. I like all sorts of music, though my favorite types of music are anything electronic, metal, and a decent amount of hip-hop as well. Some of my favorite artists include Mr. Bill, Isqa, Noisia, Iglooghost, Periphery, The Algorithm, Haunted Shores, and Gorillaz.


Mixing, Producing, Remixing

Showcase tracks

This was a future bass influenced track I did a while ago, it was my submission to the Cymatics Savage song contest.

A groovy bass-heavy glitch hop track. I really like this one.