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This is My Entry for the Spitfire Original Contest. But what is special about it?

I've started this one already a month ago and I didn't know there were such a contest coming. So as soon as I saw this contest I got back into my Studio and finished this work. Surely it is not the best but I think I've added some musical candy. And all the Sounds I used are from BBC SO Discover (except some of the Drums I added from other orchestral Packs). So this Piece could easily played live with any Orchestra.

The Title of Power Of Life came into my mind because of it's uplifting and powerful phrases put together with low and weak phrases. So it may give you hope and strength for the future. I believe in God and I think he will also take care of you apart from your religious opinion. Life is great and you're only gifted once so don't waste it and enjoy it;)

I thought it was good to keep it simple but effective and so it is. I hope you enjoy it and a like wouldn't be bad ;)

Have a nice day, Cheers!

P.S.: If you are part of an Orchestra and want to play my piece, just hit me up and we can find an agreement;) And if some Instruments aren't to your taste I can make some changes too ;)

Posted 5 months ago
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