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This is just the beginning and the Idea of my Remix!!!

I will finish it soon and reupolad some improved Steps!

It is definetly not finished so don't judge on Mix or Sound Selection and Design. It's pretty much only the Writing Part done for now. I'm working now on Mix and some nice exciting Sweeps and Transitions.

I think I'm done in Writing and Arranging, but if you got advices for me, they're appreciated. Specially on Transitions before the Drop because I'm stuck and it sucks.

BTW: What do you think about the Vocal FX to bring more Brightness and give it more Room onStage?

If you Struggle with your Remix, you can dm me to get my MIDI File for THIS Track for FREE!!! [It's not a shame to do so as I worked for Hours on it because of some specially Techniques and Harmonies Dadi has used ;)]

Give me a follow on Socialmedia to stay updated about further Uploads;)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marvfra29/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe5zNDR-bYjarl6ayeOn62A?
SKIO: https://skiomusic.com/monkeyz334

Posted 2 weeks ago
Owned by Dadi Freyr


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Saint.Bri 11 days ago

I like this but it's definitley not instrumental ;) Good luck in the comp!

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MonkeyZ 7 days ago

Yeah, You're right. I just forgot to change it as my "first" Pre- Version was only instrumental😂😂😂😇

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Mander 12 days ago

Really cool remix! Very catchy! I just think that the vocals are too low in volume and could be boosted up around 4 db or even more. Other than that it's a great and creative remix!

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MonkeyZ 12 days ago

Yeah I didn't do any mixing yet. Just copy and pasted the vocals... But as the vocals are quite silent on their ownI have to reduce the volume from the other sounds and than push the whole volume😉

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