Minenhle “Mny main” Langa( born December 8 , 1998 in KwaZulu Natal , Eshowe) is a South African , rapper and singer. So far he has released one mixtape , 2016 ' s CREAM one Album 2018 ' s Realpolitiik

Mny main has been writing songs since he was ten years old .
Mny main has launched and promoted his first Album. It provides insight into the mind of a changing man . From the smooth ballads that can be cherished by the softest women , to tales of his family during “the 035 days” – songs best understood by a genuine hustler . In his words : “ I didn ’ t make this album to be judged , or for listeners to tell me what I need to alter about my image for the next project . I simply made it because it felt right . All the songs on here were made on certain dates due to certain events in my life and nothing was rushed . I ’ m telling you right off the bat who I am . I used to lie to people to impress them but those times had to cease. It ’ s like trying to get back together after a break up . You ’ ve had your time apart , and right away you want to express all your concerns , all your flaws , and let them know exactly what you’ ve been through so that there’ s little room for error . I really just want to draw the fans into me as a person so that we can communicate better in the future . I need you to understand my concept before you listen. If you’ re not willing to do me that favor , we may as well remain split up . ” Mny main continues to pursue his passion for R &B, penning lyrics for many up and coming R &B singers . Much of his musical influence comes from his family

Mny main is known for his songs being produced,
mixed , mastered , engineered , written, and performed by himself. Most of his songs contain hip hop and R&B elements, while combining rapping and singing on the hook .
His style has been described by Uproxx as a "raptsy, hardbody rap flow, and lilting,


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