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Milk Monsta

South Africa

Game On Records

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About Milk Monsta

Music Producer and terrorizer

Milk Monsta is the creation of Brandon Hunter.
A South African music producer who has many influences.
Music, gaming, movies and much more.
Milk Monsta is signed to Rancid Records in the UK and will be releasing his Ep soon with them.

Milk Monsta has been producing for 5 years trying to claim his sound and with drumstep.

Started in July 2011 on Reason but moving to Ableton in 2012 learning everything he can.

Studied with Berklee to grasp a better knowledge of Ableton.

It is now time for the monsta to be released with the Ep being in production.

It is time for Milk Monsta.

Showcase tracks

Milk Monsta - Omens Inside Clip