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Maryland, United States


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My name is Michael Robinson but my rap name is MikeRob. I am from Maryland but I was raised in Washington DC. I started rapping in 2013 it was never my intention to make music but living with my friends who also do music got me interested in giving it a try. I have developed a love and passion for music. My goal is to reinvent hip hop as we all know hip hop is no longer the same as it was in the 80s and 90s. I am a lyrical and storytelling kind of artist who talks about my dreams and goals and personal experiences Ive gone through. I hope my music reaches the younger generation my music is for people of all ages. I don't have any fans yet but I make music for people who enjoy my style and if thats you I hope you enjoy my music and I wanna let you know in advance that I can't do this without you so thank you.


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