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Middle Waters

Mexico City, Mexico


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About Middle Waters

Israel and Mexico join in a musical experiment. Minimalistic and intimate songs with clear, soaring vocals perfect for remixing.

Middle Waters is the result of
a journey, of the distance and
of the reencounter of
two people divided by the
ocean: Carlos Metta,
musician, producer and
sound designer from Mexico
City and Tal Engel, poet and
composer from Tel Aviv.

After meeting each other
briefly and years of keeping in
touch, sending each other their
lyrics and collaborating from a
distance, Asylum Arts, an
organization based in New
York City, granted them a
fellowship that allowed Tal to
travel to Mexico in order to
record an album.

The album was produced by
Carlos Metta and recorded at
night in his basement,
surrounded by the vibrations of
Mexico City. They used
instruments like classic guitar,
jarana, paper and wood
percussions, field recordings and
vinyl extracts to create
minimalistic and intimate


Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Composing, Piano, Producing, Recording, Singing, Ukelele

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How to let you go