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Michael Phase

New York City, United States


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I am an Electronic producer from NYC who was recently featured on Hardwell's Radio Show.

On July 21, 1994, Michael Phase was born in The Bronx, New York. Raised around the eccentric sounds of his culturally rich and diverse neighborhoods, he was influenced by the sounds of Old-School Hip-Hop, Rock, Punjabi, and Freestyle. Most importantly, he was inspired by his family’s culture when they blasted Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue, and Salsa at home. At the age of 10, Phase was first introduced to Dance music through an arcade game known as Dance Dance Revolution. Exploring and experimenting with new genres, including Trance, House, J-Pop, and Electro House, helped him open up to a new world sparking a passion for EDM. Recognizing his new found love, his friend presented him with one of the most life changing gifts, FL.Studios.

From there, Phase spent many nights learning and creating his own sounds launching his dreams of becoming a professional DJ and Producer. This dream became a reality when he landed his first gig at New York City’s landmark club Europa in 2006. Soon after, Phase formed Droid Beats with his long time friend David. Droid Beats was innovative and blended Electro House, Dubstep, and Trance. The duo became known for working with renowned artists including (George Acosta, Devin Martin, and Dank) releasing numerous well-received remixes and original tracks Including “It’s Over” and “Electro Bros”.

After a successful run with Droid Beats, the time came for Phase to open up a new chapter in which Michael Phase was born. It’s through this name that Phase forges his truest sounds to date and envisions his music to be life changing to others just as it was for him. Mainly fusing elements from Big Room and Hardstyle, Phase has been catching the attention of numerous dance music fans from across the globe. His debut year, 2015, has been filled with success after releasing his highly supported tracks “Kalypso”,“Time is Now”,“The Jumpoff”, and recently “Banzai”, which was premiered on the 265th episode of ‘Hardwell on Air’. Within this short time, he has gained notoriety and the attention of several EDM pioneers such as Rob Gee, Alex Kidd, and Dr.Rude whom have projects in the works with Phase at the moment.

This prolific artist and craftsman has gained strides through the airwaves of one of the biggest radio shows in the business and gained major support from the likes of Noisecontrollers, Brennan Heart, LNY TNZ, Audiotricz, Audiofreq, Kutski, Geck-o, Villain, Le Shuuk, and many more. With such a great success in only a year, Phase has a promising future ahead and hopes to lead all his fans to Plátano Land.


Composing, DJing, Drum Programming, Mixing, Producing, Remixing

Showcase tracks

My recent releases "Kalypso and Time Is Now" has been receiving so much love since they were released. You guys have given me something to fight for and for that thank you guys by releasing a free download. Hope you guys enjoy it! PS - Hardwell played this on HOA465 listen to it here: at 19:00 - Phase

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Supported by Audiotricz, Le Shuuk, and many others.