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So when I first started my track, I had no clue where to go with the remix. So I tried out different genres, I tried House and Dubstep before I decided my remix will be a Chill Hip Hop vibe kind of thing. So first I put in the Lead Vocals, and then played the piano chords for the whole song. I added a high pass Filter on the piano to make it sound the way it does, and then I layered the piano. I then added an instrument which I created using the Operator synth, and added an arp MIDI effect and then had it play along with the vocals. I added a Hip Hop style kick drum pattern, and as the song reached the chorus the kick drum and the arp vocal accompany dropped and I added a snare which kept increasing in the amount of times it was being played in each bar as the drop part approached. For the drop part, I wanted to keep that chill vibe of my song so I had arps, piano, melody and kick drums all playing together for suitable drop part. This pattern so far is repeated till the end of the 2nd drop and when the bass starts, I automated the highpass filter and played around with the resolution and the Frequency until I got the result which I desired. In the final chorus, MOST of the elements of the song were playing together for the final buildup. My outro was chill hip hop beat which I actually made while making the 2nd verse of the song

Posted 2 months ago
Owned by Nick Elliott


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Velo James 2 months ago

Mellow september, gave my like. I am hosting my own remix contest with an official release to win. Would love for you to join. You can submit as much as you want, and I will give indepth feedback anytime for free. The rules, stems & more are in the link. For more questions, dm me on insta @iamvelojames https://iamvelojames.wixsite.com/remixcontest


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