About this Sample Pack

Having issues adding that right funky feel to your latest jam?
Need something special for that spacey disco track that's been sitting in your to-do folder?
What about a smooth riff to round out your track for the lounge?

Here's Simpli to ease those tensions. This collection will clean up those edges, with tight snares, groovy bass licks and buckets of rolling rhythms to help you get past any stalemates you might be having with your set.

This pack is filled with 100 samples, Royalty-free, in 24 bit/48khz and has been crafted with you in mind.
Try on the sultry chords for size and tell us you don't feel inspired to crank out something special.

Get your copy of "Indie Flush" Vol.1 by Simpli (Mello D's)

Posted 4 weeks ago
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Samples (100)

Drums 49 Synths 25 Guitars 19 Snares 16 Kicks 15 Full Drums 14 Arpeggios 11 Chords 10 Keys 10 Bass 6 Lead 5 Drum Fills 4 Guitar 1 Plucks 1

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