About this Sample Pack

Vol. 2 is here!

This sample pack is filled with some retro vibes and elements! Constructed with 101 royalty free samples, non stop funky madness, made with various instruments, synths, and playful drums. There’s also a bunch of one shots and loops to help speed up your workflow.

You’ll find synth loops, flutes, classic piano chords, guitar riffs, and a wide-variety of Fx to help fill in the empty spaces of your track. Get your listeners dancing with the funkiness of Funkolors Vol. 2, and start creating the music you envision!

Posted 1 year ago
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Samples (101)

Drums 52 Synths 16 Bass 13 Percussion 13 Cymbals 10 FX 9 Bassline 8 Textures 7 Snares 7 Full Drums 6 Kicks 6 Strings 4 Claps 4 Drum Tops 3 Brass 3 Toms 3 Piano 2 Sweeps and Risers 2 Guitars 1 Saxaphone 1

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