About this Sample Pack

Steps to Zion is fresh pack that’s sure to add some tropical elements and vibes into your production. Made by SKIO user RB Keys, the pack the perfect variety of sounds of the islands~

With 100+ one shots and loops that’s sure to quicken your workflow, the pack is filled with tropical plucks, marimbas, steel pans, and reggae-style guitars. On top of this there’s an array of flutes, rich brass, piano melodies, Fx, and a variety of percussion to add groove to your tracks.

Find your way to Zion and fill your production sounds of the islands, as every sample is custom made, royalty free and ready to use!

Enjoy :)

Posted 6 months ago
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Samples (115)

Drums 37 Synths 30 Plucks 24 Bass 21 Snares 10 Guitars 10 Basslines 9 Percussion 7 Brass 7 Cymbals 6 Hi Hats 6 Melodies 6 Full Drums 5 Kicks 4 Strings 4 Steel Drums 3 Drum Fills 2 FX 2 Flutes 2 Vocals 1 Vocal Chops 1 Piano 1

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