About this Sample Pack

This sample pack will take your mind and listeners on a trip to Africa, moving and dancing to the sounds of the Congo’s. Dance with the afro-wave, and add some spice to your music projects with there high quality and custom made sounds!

With 100+ rich-royalty free samples, Afro Pulse is filled with a variety of one shots and loops to help speed up your workflow. There’s a bunch of groovy drum loops and shots, marimbas, piano melodies, guitar plucks, Fx and more to add Afro vibes to your productions!


Posted 6 months ago
Profile Picture Owned by Mello D's


Samples (104)

Drums 50 Synths 28 Bass 13 Snares 13 Kicks 11 Percussion 9 Cymbals 6 Hi Hats 6 Brass 6 Claps 6 Bells 5 Full Drums 4 Basslines 3 Toms 3 FX 2 Drum Tops 1

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