About this Sample Pack

Volume 2 of this soothing pack is sure to get you in a calm and tranquil mood with it’s variety of passionate and soulful sounds!

With over 300 samples and loops to work with, Soulful Vibes & Vocals Vol. 2 sets you up to make endless creative and unique tracks with instruments and atmospheres that are sure to please the ear.

Once again, PINEO & LOEB filled this pack with an abundance of vocal phrases and shots, soulful synths, a wide range of pads, and countless textures with both modern and nostalgic feels. There’s a bunch of powerful strings, aural bells, hard-hitting horns, sexy saxophones, vibrant and funky electric guitars, chilled acoustic guitars, groovy basses, and on-point percussion, while the vocal harmonies and one shots come from a wide variety of vocalists!

On top of all these samples, there’s a variety of loops that are ready to use, and will definitely help speed up your writing process! So grab this pack and give your tracks the proper restful energy they need!

Did we mention that all the sound are royalty free, while everything is recorded 24Bits/48Khz, ready to use, effect, and enjoy?

Soulful Vibes & Vocals Vol. 2 made by PINEO & LOEB

Posted 1 year ago
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Samples (302)

Vocals 137 Phrases 65 Guitars 61 Electric Guitars 57 Spoken Word 37 Vocal Hits 32 Pads 24 FX 20 Chords 20 Riffs 16 Horns 15 Vocal FX 13 Strings 11 Drums 11 Bass 9 Full Drums 7 Basslines 7 Saxaphone 7 Fiddle 6 Orchestral 5 Organs 5 Textures 4 Acoustic Guitars 4 Arpeggios 4 Reverses 3 Plucks 3 Vocal Chops 3 Cymbals 2 Hi Hats 2 Ukelele 2 Claps 1 Percussion 1 Tablas 1

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