About this Sample Pack

Who doesn't love those 80’s Retro Vibes! Produced by the talented California-based producer, Nate Dias, this pack was made with many of the iconic analog synths that defined the sound of that era including the Moog, Juno-1, Minilogue and more.

There’s over 100 original retro synths, groovy guitar riffs, snapping drums, and more than enough one shots to give your track the nostalgic sounds and energy it needs to send your listeners back to the 80’s. With countless loops at your fingertips, writing music is easier than ever, and is sure to help speed up your production process! It can also be perfectly used in any EDM & Dance, Pop, or electronic songs that you feel needs a bit more funk!

Everything in this sample pack is royalty free, and perfect to use for any music project. The sounds were all recorded at 24Bits/48Khz, are ready to use, effect, and get funky with!


80's Retro Vibes Vol. 1 made by Nate Dias

Posted 1 year ago
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Samples (105)

Drums 56 Synths 44 Snares 12 Cymbals 11 Toms 11 Claps 10 Bass 6 Basslines 6 Hi Hats 6 Pads 5 Kicks 5 FX 4 Rides 4 Sweeps and Risers 3 Piano 2 Guitars 2 Drum Fills 2 Arpeggios 1 Crashes 1 Sub Bass 1

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