About this Sample Pack

If you’re a producer looking for a pack filled with sounds that are sure to get you inspired, than this pack is a MUST HAVE!

Multi platinum producer Chin Injeti created this specially for the SKIO family. With an eclectic array of synth melodies, piano and guitar riffs, and silky smooth vocals this pack will give unleash your creativity and can be used in many different genres!

Speed up your workflow and get these perfect song starters in your library for whenever you need some quick inspiration. Made with love, they’re high quality, royalty free, and ready to use however you like!


Posted 10 months ago
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Samples (29)

Melodies 11 Chords 9 Electric Guitar 8 Synths 8 Keyboards 8 Textures 6 Vocals 6 FX 5 Guitar 5 keys 4 Glitches 3 Riff 3 Pluck 3 Piano 3 Keys 3 Organ 3 Synth 3 Lead 3 Rhodes 2 Atmospheres 2 Harp 2 Electric Guitars 1 Leads 1 Keyboard 1 Plucks 1 Brass 1 horn 1 Atmosphere 1 Arp 1 Wind 1 Plucked 1 Kicks 1

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