MCD is one of the most respected record companies in the Brazilian music industry. There are more than 3 million records sold in Brazil and in more than 20 countries.

But this story did not come out of nowhere. It came as the production engineer Eduardo Muszkat decided to end his successful corporate life in Europe and materialize his passion for music.

And so, in São Paulo in 1994, was born to MCD. First, as a direct marketing company specializing in the sale of custom-made CDs and, years later, releasing the albums of singer Fortuna and producer Atman.

With the plowed land for world music and wellness music, came the best albums of these genres, from Finnish Värttinä, French Thierry Robin and Americans Jai Uttal and Krishna Das to the Celtic Twilight and Equilíbrio series.
At the same time, the children's audience won their first albums (Enrola Bola, Ser Criança and Bicho Brasileiro) and, with the arrival of the Cantada Word, Hélio Ziskind, Bebê Mais and MPBaby series, MCD would become owner of the best catalog of music for children.

Multilingual recording, MCD has always maintained a dialogue with the foreign market. Proof of this was the placement on the Brazilian shelves of albums by Alexkid, Llorca, St. Germain, Scan X and The Youngsters, all of the artists of the cult French electronic music label F-Com, and the licenses of its national catalog for Japan, Europe and the United States, and entry to sites such as Sonet, MSN and iTUNES in Europe, Asia and the United States.

With the catalog brimming with original music and talented artists, MCD began to work on creating custom projects. And there are successful marriages (Empório Armani, Empório Santa Maria, Boticário, Itaú Seguros, Tok Stok, Hotel Emiliano, Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo and Azucar).

As if that were not enough, the CDM extended the red cushion to the best of Brazilian music today. Accommodated in soft armchairs are Barbatuques, Anima, Chico Saraiva, Duofel, Clube do Balanço, Trio Madeira Brasil, Vanessa Bumagny, Katia B, Ramiro Musotto, Mylene, BiD, Roberto Coelho and Ná Ozzetti and André Mehmari.

Yeah, that's a bit of what MCD did in its 17-year history.

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The last track of the album, Na Mata, flies over the forest, cradled by the carimbó, by songs and rhythms of the North and Northeast of Brazil. Composition and arrangement of Fernando Barba and lyrics by Helô Ribeiro, Marcelo Pretto and Lu Horta.



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