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We loved working with Silvertongue- great original track that we could put our own unique spin on. Our style combines the melodic, chill beats of tropical house, some of the more pulsing, hard hitting elements of future bass, and the uplifting, dance-worthy choruses of traditional EDM. We put all of these elements into this track- we really can't label it as a singular type of EDM, and that's what we love about our style- it's something different that most people haven't heard before.

Posted 4 years ago
Owned by Fueled by Ramen


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Erick Muratori 4 years ago

hello bro, great remix!! you have my vote!! please check out my remix in other contest?! thank you and good lucky!! https://skiomusic.com/erick-muratori/fractall-gabe-fkls-take-over-erick-muratori-remix

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PhilippBeesenMusicproducer 4 years ago

Nice Track! Please vote for me too :) https://skiomusic.com/philippmusicproducer/young-the-giant-silvertongue-philippmusicproducer-remix


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