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had no idea Josh Wink Produced a version of this record originally, he is a fellow contemporary Philadelphian. I completely slept through the house music era, as I was working steadily in 3 bands and doing tons of studio sessions in the 90s, I did not listen to ANY music for 5 years other than what I had to play or had to work on. I worked with mutual acquaintances of Josh's and King Britt [phily was a small music family in the 90s]

All Music Performed/Programmed, Mixed, & Mastered by Mark Wolfe
Vocals By Sagat

Since I can not update tracks once they are submitted to skio, future updates will always be at this link:


look for the Maxi playlist on my page

this is not fully finished, it needs minor fixes, but I can't even listen to it anymore since the whole thing went down today with SoundCloud and no one seemed to give a shit... on a Tuesday, mid-afternoon... ???

so my plan is to make it so I don't think about it since all that does is elevate my blood pressure

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Maxi Records


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MW 2 years ago

oops this is not the latest mix, check my soundcloud Maxi playlist for the most up to date mixes, all set to free download! soundcloud.com/NonGenreSpecific


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