This is the classic Dance/House/Electronic music catalog of NYC independent label Maxi Records. We're stoked to be on SKIO and letting producers breathe new life into these 90's House classics. Can't wait to hear you flip these songs in a fresh new direction! Grab a remix license and show us what you got : )

-Maxi Records Team


Since it's humble beginnings in 1990 to the label's last release in 2000, the Maxi catalog reads like a who's who of dance/house music. The label has been a launching pad for the careers of producers: Mood II Swing, Cevin Fisher, Naked Music NYC, Itaal Shur, Danny Krivit and artists: Daphne, Sagat, Big Muff, Judy Albanese, as well as a home for established superstars: Masters At Work, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Joe Claussell, Francois Kevorkian, Armand Van Helden, Byron Burke, Benji Candelario, Shay Jones, and Miss "Lady" Bunny.

Diversity and exploration have always been key elements. Maxi has always gone out of its way to find music that is unique no matter what category. "Funk Dat" by Sagat wasn't just an international novelty pop hit, but also a satirical look at everyday prejudices over a killer groove. The sheer dancefloor bliss of Maxi vocal singles by Judy Albanese, Daphne, Cocodance, Soul Station, Shay Jones and Katrina Vaughn, to name a few, are defining diva moments in house music history. Through subsidiary, Snapt Records, Itaal Shur's Big Muff turned people out with Music From The Aural Exciter, the indescribable melting pot of electronic funk, soul, and latin blues that has been compared to The Ohio Players and Talking Heads. The Muff's dreamy interpretation of the standard "My Funny Valentine" has become a chill-out anthem.

Not that we ever take ourselves too seriously though. Maxi's credo above all is to have fun. Imbedded in the grooves of all it's music, is the undeniable escapism of the dancefloor. The Maxi Tracks logo is well known for it's numerous 12 inches of pure booming energy. Our six compilations from Gag Me With A Tune to Go Deep are hour plus journeys that combine fun and fodder with the deep and heady.

The cartoon craziness of our packaging, created by downtown NYC artist Martine, and our notorious party throwing reputation at Maxi HQ, Soundfactory Bar, Palladium, Sugarbabies in NYC and the legendary Sunday Sunset Soirees in Miami have solidified our place in the annals of clubbing in the golden age of 90's house music. After all, having a blast while presenting great music is the reason Maxi was created in the first place and it is this philosophy that has entrenched Maxi in the hearts of dance music lovers everywhere.


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Since it’s humble beginnings in 1990, the Maxi Records has been a launching pad for the careers of: Mood II Swing, Cevin Fisher, Naked Music NYC, Itaal Shur, Danny Krivit, Daphne, Sagat, Big Muff, Judy Albanese, Masters At Work, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Armand Van Helden & more!

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